AloT Solution
Q-order Solution
Q-Order is a self-service ordering APP based on the intelligent POS terminal for the fast-food industry. Q-order makes placing orders faster, higher quality, and smarter which reduces the labour costs of restaurants and promotes economic performance.
Under the traditional payment system, customers have to go to the cashier desk to order the dishes and make the payment. There are often long queues at the cashier during peak periods. Sometimes, customers feel irritable and bored, which easily reduces customer satisfaction.
Centerm's unique Q-order payment software combines with smart POS terminal K9 allowing customers to order and pay when sitting at the table, which is very convenient and time-saving.
Q-order Functions
Support orders and payments at anytime and anywhere
Q-order includes Menu Manage­ ment, Table Management, Re­ ports, which makes customers more satisfied and reduces labor cost
Support various payment methods
Printing receipts to consumers and kitchens
Scanning QR code to order
Q-order Solution
There are three ways provided for customers to order the meal, e.g. POS side, H5 side and browser-side. In addition, Q-order integrates the order system, cash register and web management system to help merchants manage orders more conveniently.
Technical Process
Customers can order autonomously online, and the kitchen and staff will receive the order information simultaneously from Q-order system. Thus, the kitchen staff can quickly prepare the dishes.
Chain catering enterprises
Single-store restaurants
Small convenient restaurants
Wide applications