AloT Solution
eParking Solutions
The intelligent parking management system automatically calculates the parking fee by scanning the license plate number and optimizes the allocation of parking lot resources to ease parking issues.
Many drivers are annoyed by the parking problem during their daily driving. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a parking space, especially in the urban area.
Centerm's U-parking application can monitor the number of parking spaces of the parking lot and allocate the free parking space to drivers. Moreover, the fee collector can use smart POS terminal K9 to scan the license plate to calculate the fare and make the payment.
Recommendations of parking lots
Entering the field with one-click scanning of the license plate number
Monitor and manage parking lots
Technical Process
Recommendations of parking lots can be made according to the needs of car owners.
With OCR technology, ABC-123 parking is more efficient.
It supports cash and bank cards as well as other mainstream payment methods.
The transparent and efficient parking charging system saves customers payment time.
It realizes flexible management of parking lots and reduces operating costs.
The POS terminal charges by time to avoid the argument arisen by human error.
eParking Intelligent Management Platform
It can manage all the parking lots, including outdoor and indoor fields.
parking management
car management
payment management
statistics analysis