AloT Solution
Transportation Payment Solution
The smart POS terminals combined with self-developed app help bus drivers to automatically settle fares, reducing labour costs and improving time efficiency.
In some cities, public transportation is billed according to mileage, so the toll collector is required to manually calculate the fare. It is very labour-intensive and time-consuming.
Smart POS terminal K9 combines with self-developed traffic billing software, which can automatically calculate the fare, making passengers payments more convenient and reducing labour costs.
Technical Process
Passengers swipe their cards on K9 when getting on and off the bus, the system will automatically calculate the fare according to mileage by a built-in GPS. Also, in the background management system, the staff can check the vehicle status and export the charges.
Advantages of Smart POS Terminal K9
Equipped with the specialized battery, it can charge in the bus.
Customized case for easy fixation
Speaker broadcast
Large battery capacity and long standby time