May 24, 2024
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Leading with Excellence! Centerm Shines Brightly at Seamless Middle East 2024

Updated: May 24, 2024

On May 14th, the highly anticipated Seamless Middle East 2024 kicked off grandly at the Dubai World Trade Centre. As the largest exhibition for smart card identification and payment in the Middle East, this event attracted thousands of enterprises and visitors from various industries such as payments, financial technology, identity recognition, banking, retail, e-commerce, and digital marketing, gathering together to share a technological feast.

As a globally leading provider of commercial equipment and digital scenario solutions, Centerm was invited to participate in the exhibition, showcasing highly innovative and forward-looking payment products and solutions to global customers. This allowed industry partners and on-site visitors to experience the charm of payment in close proximity, engaging in in-depth discussions and exchanges regarding technology, products, markets, and other aspects.

Visitors gained a deep understanding of Centerm’s products

At this exhibition, Centerm made a strong appearance with its new intelligent POS, cloud audio speaker for payment notifications, and a series of QR code payment products, showcasing digital scenario solutions tailored for various scenarios such as lightweight payment collection, retail supermarkets, catering services, entertainment venues, and more.

The Centerm exhibition booth was bustling with visitors. The two new overseas products, the intelligent POS P6 and the payment notification cloud speaker S10, garnered widespread attention from the audience due to their latest technology, high-speed processors, high-resolution touch screens, and other advanced configurations. These products possess excellent payment processing capabilities and response speeds, providing a smooth user experience while ensuring secure transactions. Furthermore, they support various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments, and electronic wallets, to cater to different market demands and further enhance the convenience of transactions between merchants and consumers.

As an industry leader, Centerm has always been committed to promoting the construction of financial technology ecosystems through technological innovation, providing customized intelligent hardware products and software services to customers in various industries. During the exhibition, Centerm received enthusiastic responses from global visitors and customers, who highly praised the stability, speed, and performance of its products in handling complex transactions. Many visitors were particularly impressed with the payment security features of Centerm’s products, resulting in continuous positive feedback. Additionally, the integrated software solutions embedded in the products were also highly recognized, playing a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As a globally leading provider of commercial equipment and digital scenario solutions, Centerm’s powerful showcase on the international stage has not only strengthened its connections and interactions with customers and partners, but also laid a solid foundation and positive momentum for exploring broader international markets and seeking more partnerships. Centerm will continue to deepen global cooperation and exchanges, inviting industry partners to jointly explore innovative developments in the payment industry and create more exciting and valuable opportunities together!

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