February 21, 2024
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The first exhibition of the year, Centerm shines at the Seamless Asia 2024!

Updated: February 22, 2024

Seamless Asia, the largest and most professional fintech and payment exhibition in Southeast Asia, was held in Singapore from February 20-21. The themes of the exhibition included mobile payments, IoT retail, financial services, e-commerce, etc. Numerous exhibitors from around the world and more than ten thousand visitors gathered together to build a new industry ecosystem and share the new future of payments.

Live from the Seamless Asia 2024 Exhibition

As the first major international exhibition of 2024, Centerm made a strong appearance with innovative achievements such as “Intelligent POS, QR Code POS, Linux POS, Intelligent Self-service Terminal, Cloud Horn Series Products” and a rich array of digital scene solutions. They showcased forward-looking products that represent the development trends of the international payment industry to global customers, allowing guests on-site to experience cutting-edge technology up close.

Staff introduce payment products and solutions to guests.

Centerm, as a global leader in commercial equipment and digital scenario solution providers, showcased its advanced payment technology and outstanding products from multiple perspectives at the exhibition, attracting numerous customers to stop by for a visit. In-depth exchanges and discussions were carried out on product trends and market dynamics. Centerm has always been deeply cultivating the payment field, insisting on innovation and iteration, meeting customers’ scenarized needs with a rich payment product line, and casting the core competitiveness of the brand with customized industry solutions, maintaining a leading position in the payment scenarios.

Through this exhibition, Centerm not only strengthened communication and cooperation with old customers but also gained many potential clients, laying the foundation for subsequent overseas market efforts.

Centerm made a dazzling appearance at Seamless Asia 2024, not only as the first overseas exhibition of the year but also as a brand-new beginning! Centerm will continue to uphold its pioneering spirit, delve into overseas payment application scenarios, and provide global merchants with more advanced and high-quality products and services. We sincerely invite more partners, agents, distributors, customers, and others to join us in exploring the broader overseas market together! Join Centerm, join the future payment era.

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