February 1, 2024
2 min read

Centerm’s POS terminals: World’s No. 4 in Sales Leadership!

Updated: February 1, 2024

According to statistics from the authoritative industry journal NILSON REPORT, Centerm’s POS terminal sales rank fourth globally, a testament to Centurm’s strength and influence within the industry. Over the past few years, Centerm has consistently maintained a leading position in the Asia-Pacific region, breaking records year after year.

Centerm always puts customers at the core, driven by innovation, and is dedicated to providing global merchants with outstanding commercial equipment and digital scenario solutions. We keep pace with domestic market trends while actively expanding into overseas markets, continuously deepening our commitment to offer a more efficient, convenient, and secure payment experience for merchants worldwide.

In the future development, Centerm Information Technology will continue to maintain a strong growth momentum, bringing more surprises and contributions to the global POS transaction market. Let us all look forward to Centurm Information Technology writing more brilliant chapters in its future development!

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